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Cocoon Home

A brand by Dalal Industries

Cocoon is a home brand currently focusing on your home textile needs. A brand of Dalal Industries which started its journey in 1994 and since has served the Pakistani export market by carving a niche for itself. Since 2005 we have been exporting finished products all over the globe, specializing in hotel bedding. Cocoon came about as a natural next step.



Following in the steps of our parent business we aim to expand our size and add a diverse product line of linens and home products to fulfill your desire to decorate your dream abode. 


Cocoon is not just another  brand or store, it is a lifestyle. The idea behind creating cocoon was not only to provide customers with high quality products, but also to allow them to express themselves through art and break the traditional stereo type of the same old kind of furniture and home accessories. We believe every home accessory or piece of furniture that you take home becomes a part of you as it reflects your personality therefore our aim is to make your personality stand out through our products.As a home store, with its constant innovation in design and up-to- date style trends we promise to provide much longed-for products to our local consumers.